Going LIVE Everybody

Posted by Linda Hicks on

Hello everybody!! Welcome to my site!! We have a new venture to start. We will start doing LIVES at least once a week for new items and some older items. YES I SAID LIVE SHOPPING!! We will have some items out of my trailer, and shoot live outside, weather permitting, then the rest out of my craft room. T-shirts, tumblers, we can make them while you watch the live!! (time permitting) I am over excited to bring this to all my super great customers. I hope you all are as excited as me.

We will have seasonal specials, such as our 1st live will be for Valentine Baskets; BUILD A BASKET; starting with fun children's baskets on up to luxurious ladies and men baskets. We will fill the base and you select what more items you want added. We will offer themes of course of your choice. These will be coming up for EASTER as well. GET EXCITED WITH ME!!!

We will offer shipping on most of them. BUT the most exciting part is: BUY WHILE WE ARE ONLINE DOING THE LIVE AND GET 10% OFF TOTAL ORDER. 

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